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My Handsome Husband

This is my husband (the guy in the glasses, not the chicken):


(I’m about to embarrass you, Darling. I hope you’re cool with that.)

He’s a pretty cool guy. I mean, he’s a humongous nerd…


But sometimes, nerds make the best Daddies.




He’s something of a gourmet,IMG_2816

And most definitely a clothes horse.IMG_0607

An avid outdoorsman…IMG_1010

…with a thirst for life.IMG_6230beer

Plus, he’s an avid reader who likes to stay informed.Tom-Hiddleston-reading-newspapers-elegant-man-photoshoot

Wait, that’s not my husband? Huh. Oh well. This next one is. Sort of.


And here’s us when we were incredibly young. Not even sure I’m 21 yet in this picture, which means he might not yet be 23.


But look how well he’s aging!img_1186.png

And he’s not embarrassed to hang out with me while I wear that giant hat, so basically, he’s a keeper.

I love you, Googly Bear.

And yes, now everyone who reads this blog will call you Googly Bear, too.

You know you love it.


6 thoughts on “My Handsome Husband”

  1. This such a touching post miss laura!! It warms my heart to see such happy marriages as yours.. I hope I meet a keeper soon too. A very happy Valentine’s day to you, Mr. Googly bear and the two lovely baby bears. Love, from India.

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  2. A man who still wears the Jackson’s Pub T-shirt I gave him 10+ years ago is definitely a keeper! ❤ Great post Laura, and good catch Ian! (I actually told Boyd and Jennifer when I visited for Boyd’s birthday last April that I thought you had a really good husband and that I was happy for you!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do have a good husband. He doesn’t always have a very good wife… but I try! (He wears that shirt all the time. He loves it.)


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