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Masochism, Motherhood, and Shopping with Children


Do you take your kids shopping? Are they as terrible as mine? I feel like I’m always that mom–the one whose kids are doing something unfathomably bad.

Maybe they’re touching every single apple with their fingers, or maybe their tongues. Maybe they’re not being properly supervised. Maybe they’re projectile vomiting while their heads spin around in the cereal aisle.

Of course, there are good times, too. There are times when no one runs away from me, no one topples a display of dog treats, and we get through the checkout with nary a tear. If it weren’t for these times, I’d never take them shopping again.


2 thoughts on “Masochism, Motherhood, and Shopping with Children”

  1. Mine runs away and climbs the shelving or begs for toys the whole time. I try not to take him with me or if I do threaten to take privileges away if he doesn’t behave.

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  2. Lol. I take my nephew shopping sometimes and he runs away from me half the time. The other half, he keeps loading every little thing that catches his fancy into the trolley and insists on purchasing it all..


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