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Sundays at the Aquarium

IMG_0104For a long time, the weekends were a mixed bag. Sometimes we’d plan an outing but often we’d sit at home thinking we should be doing something fun, but all we’d manage was a trip to Home Depot. And then Monday would come and we’d feel like we hadn’t had a weekend at all, and that was disappointing. Then we got a membership at the Seattle Aquarium.

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Fun & Games


IMG_0101On Saturday, my kids had their very first out-of-country excursion, and I finally visited our neighbor to the north, Canada. Specifically, Vancouver. More specifically, Stanley Park.

“It’s the Central Park of Canada!” my husband said as he pitched me the idea. We’re only about two hours from the city of Vancouver, which makes it closer to us than Portland, which sort of blew my mind–we could visit another country for a day trip. And yet we hadn’t done it before. Why hadn’t we done it? Continue reading “Canada!”