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A Bowling Ball Named Homer, and other References that Make Up My Marriage

homerLast month, my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Tenth! I’ve now officially been married longer than I’ve done just about anything else. Longer than I’ve lived in one place, longer than I’ve attended any school. Wow.

So–lately I’ve been thinking about my marriage.

My husband and I are nerds. “Geeks” might be the more precise term. As in we get really excited about odd things and get kind of obsessive about them. Most of our geekery is separate, but there’s one thing we tend to geek out on together: television. More specifically, animation. Cartoons made for grown-ups. Continue reading “A Bowling Ball Named Homer, and other References that Make Up My Marriage”

Friends & Family


Every year, we visit my husband’s parents for the Fourth of July. Usually, we drive. And when we drive, we fill the car. I mean, we fill it to the top. We try to pack lightly but then we realize we need car snacks, and did we bring enough books? And toys–the kids will be so fussy without enough toys. And my pillow. In case the kids happen to fall asleep at the same time so I can fall asleep, too. And my computer because I just might find time to write what with the grandparents to watch the kids and all. And sunglasses and sunblock and just one more outfit for each of us because you know how messy kids are and my notebook and pens and do we have enough snacks maybe two more granola bars and a cooler with soda and cheese and some towels just in case and are we forgetting anything? Somehow we always do.

You can always surmise my self esteem level by the way I draw myself. Today, I guess I’m feeling pretty good.