Fun & Games

Five Fabulous Fashions

My style icon in a rain hat, soft sweater, and twirly dress (with a few playground scrapes and bruises to remind you she’s more than just a pretty face.)

I was a little skeptical when I saw that velvet was back in style, but I’m starting to warm to it, especially for winter.

Always the pragmatist, I’m not a huge fan of statement sleeves (they tend to be too drapey, making it easy to get them snagged or dragged through your food when you reach for a napkin), but this dress could change my mind.

I cannot express how thrilled I am that vintage inspired dresses are so easy to find nowadays. (Especially when they’re made with fun fabrics!)

And of course, you know I love brooches.

They look especially good on a fabulous blanket scarf–this cozy flannel one is possibly the softest thing I’ve ever worn.


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