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Five Fabulous Fashions

My style icon in a rain hat, soft sweater, and twirly dress (with a few playground scrapes and bruises to remind you she’s more than just a pretty face.)

I was a little skeptical when I saw that velvet was back in style, but I’m starting to warm to it, especially for winter.

Always the pragmatist, I’m not a huge fan of statement sleeves (they tend to be too drapey, making it easy to get them snagged or dragged through your food when you reach for a napkin), but this dress could change my mind.

I cannot express how thrilled I am that vintage inspired dresses are so easy to find nowadays. (Especially when they’re made with fun fabrics!)

And of course, you know I love brooches.

They look especially good on a fabulous blanket scarf–this cozy flannel one is possibly the softest thing I’ve ever worn.

Ugly & Beautiful

Bringing Brooches Back

Audrey-audrey-hepburn-1360102-782-1000I’m going to go ahead and say (without much real knowledge of the fashion world at all) that brooches are coming back. Maybe they are back and I’m just out of the loop. They’re selling them at Banana Republic and they’re all over Etsy. They seem to me like the perfect accessory, especially with the popularity of clothing lines like Modcloth that deal in a more vintage aesthetic. While necklaces fall into necklines or get hidden by scarves, brooches stay firmly pinned in place.  Continue reading “Bringing Brooches Back”