Goals & Challenges

Inktober Recap

IMG_20171020_165331.jpgI made it through Inktober. I did 31 drawings. A lot of them were extremely lazy or really poorly done, and if you look at the work some other artists did over the course of the month (“other artists,” she says, as if she could possibly count herself among their ranks), even my best work looks like chicken scratch.

My favorite of all my Inktober drawings.

However, as with the upcoming NaNoWriMo, I don’t think Inktober is about producing perfection. It was designed to help artists work on their inking skills; personally, I prefer pencils and don’t have a lot of experience working with ink so for me it was quite a learning experience and involved a lot of crappy coloring with Magic Markers. By the end of the month, I was mixing ink and pencil. I just like the feel of pencil better, I suppose.


But I did try to challenge myself, overall, by using ink. I didn’t go out and buy any fancy pens–I own drawing pens, but nothing really designed for coloring–but I did try to work with texture and cross-hatching in my own, uneducated way.


And since there were daily words to incorporate into your drawing, I ended up doing some interesting things that I might not have drawn on my own.


And I drew some cute pictures of the girl.


And the boy got involved.


So, overall, a fun experience. I surprised myself a few times. I disappointed myself a few times. 31 pictures later, I think I’m a slightly better artist than I was before.

(To see all my drawings, find me on Instagram.)


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