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Trivia Tuesday: Llamas

Do you like trivia? I do. I’ve been going to trivia nights lately (okay, I went to two–but I want to make it a regular thing!) and have been having fun with facts lately, so I thought I’d try something new and make a series of trivia videos for your entertainment and enlightenment. Here’s my first stab at it:

Most of these pictures are of my mom’s old pet llama (at one point she had three; he was the last one to leave this earth), Magnet. He’s been gone a lot of years, but never forgotten. RIP, Mags, you old bastard. (He knows I mean that with love.)

Also, fun fact that didn’t make it into the video–well, more a theory than a fact–apparently some people think llamas are called “llamas” because they didn’t have a name and someone asked in Spanish, “Como se llama?” and they were like, “Yeah, sure, we’ll call it a llama.”

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