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Twelve Cozy Things


So, it’s not really fall yet but a lot of us like to pretend it is. If you’re in the Northwest, you’ve probably had a hard time with that fantasy lately, what with the smoke and raining ash and horrible heat. If you’re in the South, you’re more worried about hurricanes and flooding than the arrival of the pumpkin spice latte (which is now available, btw, in case you’ve been distracted by these real problems and didn’t have time to check in on the Starbucks menu).

Okay, so it’s hard times. But retreat with me into fantasy for a minute. It will make you feel better. At least, I hope it will.

So. Imagine:

You’re in a beautiful cottage in the forest.

You’re wearing this hat and these gloves, with this chunky sweater.

There’s a fire in the gorgeous stone fireplace, and someone has made you your favorite warm drink.

Your dog is asleep on the rug, and snoring.

You listen to the soft rain, curl into a soft chair, and open your favorite book.


Cozy, huh?

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