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Sam’s Sweet Idea: Caramel Cracker Cake


When we did our first Snack Time with Sam, we made hummus crackers, and for some reason Sam kept saying we were making caramel cracker cake. The idea intrigued me–the savory flavors in the hummus crackers, especially the sesame, could pair quite nicely with caramel, and so I used them to make an icebox cake with caramel cream and topped with a white chocolate-tahini ganache. I thought it was delicious but my husband said it was too bitter for him, and there was no denying that the texture was terrible.

I tried again, this time getting fancy with sesame shortbread and caramel pudding, but still the balance of flavors was wrong. It was somehow simultaneously too sweet and too bitter, and the texture was once again wrong.

So I went with the simplest version of “caramel cracker cake” I could think of: Ritz crackers, caramel and whipped cream. And you know what? It’s delicious: sweet and salty, with just a little crisp crunch and the creamy caramel. Interestingly enough, Sam has refused to eat it (he thinks it’s a crime that I would waste perfectly good crackers making an icebox cake when he could have put those crackers straight into his mouth) but the rest of us are happy and sugared up. Here’s how I made it:


Or click here for the printable recipe.




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