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Weekend Reading: Grab Bag


Three Poems by Susan Moore

Ursula K. LeGuin–Soft-Boiled Eggs.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Engines

That Roadster in Space

Flash Fiction by Ryan K. Jory

Before There Was YA, There Were Horse Books

Reading & Writing

What’s My Age Again? (and Other References that Prove I’m Old)


Usually, when I write fiction, I try to avoid too much reference to pop culture. I don’t like to date my work and I don’t want readers to have to look anything up if they aren’t familiar. I also tend to avoid references to technology. But lately I’ve been writing a young adult novel featuring a character who is really into music and another who is a little computer-addicted. I’m loving these characters, but the technical side of it is making me feel so incredibly old. Every few paragraphs, I have to put a note in the margin to remind myself of something to fact check. For example:

Do people use iPods?

That iPod speaker thing–what is it called?

Is Taylor Swift still popular? Will she be in five years?

Are teenagers still on Facebook?

Do people play minesweeper?

and my personal favorite:

Justin Bieber??? Continue reading “What’s My Age Again? (and Other References that Prove I’m Old)”