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Garlicky Veggie Stew with Rice

I have to admit something: I’m not great about eating my veggies. I make my kids eat them, sure, but too often I don’t eat my own. It’s easier than it sounds–I don’t eat breakfast until my kids are at school, and they’re usually away for lunch, too. At dinner, I’ll eat a kid-size serving of whatever veggie I’m serving but it isn’t nearly enough.

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Twelve Tasty Things


The world’s trickiest cookie?

Grilled cheese from an expert.


Don’t forget the drinks.

It’s almost time for this.

I’ve got to make these again sometime.

My family loves this soup.

I’ve got to try this curry.

Eclair heaven.

Even the biggest meat eaters need to go veggie sometimes.

Big Cheeeeeeeeese.

In case your favorite vanilla treats have disappeared from the shelves: an explanation.

Cooking & Eating

Carrot Puree

I’m mostly posting this so I don’t forget the recipe. Didn’t take a photo or anything, which is a shame, actually, because it was the prettiest plate of food I’ve eaten in a while. Served it with pork chops, green beans, and a beer-mustard pan sauce.


Carrot Puree

Steam: 3 carrots (peeled and chopped) and 2 red potatoes (peeled and chopped)

Puree these with: 2 tbsp butter, 5.3 oz container fat free Greek yogurt, salt and pepper


Super simple, but so good. The boy is extremely angry right now because we ran out. And now I will remember how I made it.