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5 Things I’ve Learned About Weight Loss

Everyone has their own way of getting through a workout.

Since giving birth to my daughter in December 2015, I’ve lost fifty pounds: an amount I never really thought I’d have to lose. I’ve spent much of my adult life battling the ten to twenty “extra” pounds I usually carry, and had thought it a huge triumph when I once lost twenty-five pounds in one go. Now, I can barely fathom that I’ve shed so much. Nursing is a big part of it. But I have to acknowledge some of the lessons I’ve learned in the past year or so, and apply them as I push forward, trying once again to shed the last ten to twenty pounds. (This may be the first of a multi-part post; new thoughts occur on this subject quite often.) And since it’s the diet and exercise season, I thought I’d share them with you. Continue reading “5 Things I’ve Learned About Weight Loss”