Goals & Challenges

30 for 30: Take Voice Lessons

First learning to play the guitar. (Several years later, I'm still learning.)
First learning to play the guitar. I’d show a picture of me singing, but I don’t have any of those.

Over the past couple of weekends, I took voice lessons. Two lessons, in all, which is plural, and thus technically fulfills my goal to take voice lessonS. So–that was fun.

I have always loved singing. I’ve been in three musicals (with a very very very short solo in one of them), and auditioned for quite a few more. As a kid, I got tremendously car sick whenever we’d drive anywhere (a malady made worse by the twisty mountain roads we had to traverse to get out of our 300-person town) and to help battle that, I’d sing. I probably know next to a billion songs, or I did before childbirth started turning my brain to Swiss cheese (I know this is a lot of parentheticals, but I swear, having a baby makes you stupider, and I really want the world to know it). I used to sing in the shower and on the toilet until I went away to college and lived in a dorm where I didn’t want everyone to hear my bathroom singing. Partly because toilet singing makes you a dork, and partly because despite the good acoustics bathrooms have to offer (Weird Al recorded his first track in a bathroom with his drummer beating on a suitcase)(damn parentheticals)(okay I’ll stop), I have never considered myself a particularly good singer. So I thought I’d study up. Continue reading “30 for 30: Take Voice Lessons”

Goals & Challenges

30 for 30

The one in the orange is me.
The one in the orange is me.

When I was fifteen years old, my New Year’s Resolution was to get involved in the theatre. Within a week or two I was sitting in on rehearsals at a local community theatre, where I became an assistant stage manager, and then a stage manager, and then I auditioned for a couple plays, got a couple roles, and I was off. I was pretty much always involved in one show or another for the next five years. Then lots of things happened to dissuade me from pursuing an acting career, but, you know, I did it.

I haven’t followed through with something like that in a long time. Not completely. But I also haven’t always set realistic goals. So I’ve decided to make a list of things I’d like to do before my 31st birthday. Because if I don’t set goals, I have the tendency to accomplish nothing. So I’m going to be inspired by my fifteen-year-old self and decide to do some things with the next year of my life.

(The following are numbered to help me keep track of them, but in no particular order): Continue reading “30 for 30”