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My New Favorite Cookbook


A year ago, I had no idea who Johnny Iuzzini was. Then I saw him as a judge on The Great American Baking Show (the US version of The Great British Baking Show, nee The Great British Bake Off). Okay, I still didn’t know who he was, but he seemed to be knowledgeable and he was pretty cute and worked well alongside my beloved Mary Berry. And then a few days ago I was at Barnes and Noble, browsing the cookbook aisle (as I so often do), looking for a baking book that was not just a compendium of recipes but something of a baker’s text. I thought I wouldn’t find one (how many books can people publish that are just a bunch of recipes for cookies?) but then the title caught my eye and lo! A cookbook by Johnny Iuzzini. And not only that, a teaching cookbook by Johnny Iuzzini. With tips and ideas and recipes I actually hadn’t heard before. Things that made me go, “OoooOoOooOh!” and run to the kitchen to try them. Things that make scientific sense despite their contrast to conventional wisdom. Plus quite a few recipes using tarragon. I LOVE tarragon.

I’ve only made one recipe out of the book so far–Spreadable Caramel–and several of his techniques within other recipes. And oh my god. If you’re a baker, you really need this book.



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Random Thoughts While Watching TV with my Kids


Super cute, but they were probably only sitting together so they could both watch something on the computer. (I keep waiting, but I have not yet received my Mother of the Year award…)

Paw Patrol:

The inside of Mayor Goodway’s purse must be filthy.

What is the population of Adventure Bay? 16?

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood:

X the Owl and Henrietta Pussycat are totally an item, even if their treehouse is a duplex. I’ve argued with other moms about this. There might not be any supporting evidence, but neither is there anything to disprove it. Though I’m sure there are episodes I haven’t seen.

Clifford the Big Red Dog:

How big are those poops? And how does one dispose of them?

Where does one acquire barrels of Clifford-sized dog treats? And how do the Howards afford them, especially on top of the mansion-sized dog house and park-sized backyard?

Masha and the Bear

I love this show. Also funny: the boy calls her “Marsha” and the girl runs around saying “Masha, Masha, Masha!” which totally gives me Brady Bunch flashbacks. (No, I’m not that old. But I’ve always loved Nick at Nite.)

The Great British Baking Show

Such relief that my kids like something I like.

Am I making my kids food-obsessed?

Am I building the foundation for childhood obesity?

Is it not the most adorable thing in the world to have two small children ask to watch “baking” or “Momma’s baking show” rather than plaguing me with Power Rangers, modern-day Ninja Turtles, and similar?

Any of the Winnie the Pooh movies

Why did I introduce them to this?

Didn’t I used to like Pooh?

How can one watch the first thirty minutes of the same movie six thousand times and not give a thought to the ending?