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Super Simple Songs: Halloween

There are a lot of crappy videos for kids on YouTube and I have seen way too many of them. Kids don’t always have the most discerning tastes, so sometimes they want you to play a video of a creepy animated baby playing in a ball pit over and over and over. It’s awful. But there’s some really good stuff out there, too. Our favorite: Super Simple Songs.

Their regular songs are amazing (“Rain, Rain Go Away” and “Walking in the Jungle” being the girl’s favorites) but we’ve been really enjoying their Halloween songs lately. They’re just adorable, and as a mom who’s had to listen to a lot of obnoxious kids’ music over the last four years, I can tell you they’re some of the least obnoxious kids’ songs out there, and the animation is adorable. You might like Super Simple Songs even if you don’t have kids.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Super Simple Songs and they did not pay me to say this. This blog is not big-time enough to have sponsored posts (yet) but if I ever do sponsored posts, you’d better believe I’ll only endorse things I actually like. Like Super Simple Songs.