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The Multiple Faces of Mommy

Baby Number Two

From the third day of my son’s life, I was convinced that I would only have one child. He had health problems. He had nursing problems. I had several breakdowns and found that I possessed less patience and stamina than I had imagined. I started thinking of all the reasons that having one child was better than having two.

Less work. Easier to find a babysitter. Cheaper to travel. More room in the car. More room in the house. Not to mention the environmental issue. Earth’s population is exploding. Why add to it? Only children often score better on tests, they have nicer things, they have higher self-esteem. Fewer diapers to change. No more pregnancies. No more nursing. No more nighttime feedings, diaper rashes, or tummy time. No siblings fighting in the backseat. A cheaper, easier life overall.

Even when my son was eighteen months old, I firmly believed he would be an only child. Continue reading “The Multiple Faces of Mommy”