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Mommy’s Magic Mix


I get so tired of packing snacks. Everywhere we go, it seems we need to bring a nibble. You never know when the kids will be suddenly starving, and it’s no good buying them something every time they whine that they’re hungry. Do you know how much an applesauce pouch costs at Starbucks? And after you’ve shelled out four bucks for it, your kid will inevitably swallow one mouthful and declare herself full. At least, that’s how my kids work.

And I’m always the mom who didn’t bring enough. Whether it’s because I’m trying to limit their intake (the boy always has an appetite and it can become excessive) or because I just forgot to pack something, or the fruit I brought is unappetizingly bruised, or they just decided they no longer like their favorite pouches of applesauce (to which I reply, if you’re not hungry enough for applesauce, you must not be very hungry) my snack supply always seems to run out too soon. Continue reading “Mommy’s Magic Mix”

Cooking & Eating


I love it so much, I make crazy faces.

When I was a kid, I had a trademark sandwich. I called it the muttereese because its filling was comprised of:

  1. Mustard
  2. Butter
  3. Cheese

As I got older and my palate got more sophisticated, I added pickles. Thus it became the muttereeickle.

The other day I was poking around my kitchen looking for lunch and it hit me: a huge craving for muttereeickle. Except, instead of store-bought bread (usually buttermilk white or potato), I cut a couple slices from my loaf of homemade sourdough. Instead of Velveeta or Kraft processed cheese food, I used medium cheddar. Instead of dill pickles, I used bread and butter. (Funny, since I forgot about the actual butter, which really wasn’t necessary anyway). I thought about classing up the mustard, too, but in the end I went for good old French’s yellow.

Oh. my. god. Oh my god, you guys! (Ten points if you get that reference.) It was so good. To use a vocab word I hadn’t learned when I created the original, it was sublime. And maybe it sounds weird to you. And maybe you think I’m hormonal. Maybe it sounds like a pregnancy craving (hallelujah, it is not–one kid on each arm is enough for me, thanks.) But if you like sharp, tangy flavors like I do (hail the glory of the salt and vinegar potato chip!) you will love it. Because I love it. If I hadn’t just had lunch, I’d go make one right now.