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Writing Exercise: I Hate Mondays

mondayI would guess that every teacher of creative writing has, at some point, admonished his or her students not to use clichés. But you know what? I love clichés. Like I love sentence fragments. And starting sentences with conjunctions. And exclamation points!

Okay, I don’t love clichés, but I do love a challenge and clichés can provide that: How do you turn a cliché into something new?

So. Let’s try it.

The cliché of the day: I hate Mondays. BUT! Can you use it outside its clichéd context? Jot down a few ideas–this is a writing exercise, so I’ll limit you to three. Do that now, before you read the rest of this post. When you’re done, scroll down and read mine: Continue reading “Writing Exercise: I Hate Mondays”