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Kale: Three (Delicious) Ways


As you might know, Honey Bear and I are on a mission: to find happiness, and to help you find it, too. We’ve been researching the crap out of the subject and for the first episode in the series we callĀ Honey Bear’s Guide to Happiness, we decided to start at square one: health. And what could be healthier than kale? Continue reading “Kale: Three (Delicious) Ways”

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Snack Time with Sam, Episode 3: Mini Muffins

Here we are again, at Sam’s snack station. This time, we’re making lemon and chia seed mini muffins (think lemon-poppyseed, but with a healthy twist!). We were going to share these with our friends last week but we ended up eating them all instead! Here’s the recipe: Continue reading “Snack Time with Sam, Episode 3: Mini Muffins”

Cooking & Eating

Sam Hosts a Cooking Show

My son and I really enjoy cooking together–and we especially like baking. We also enjoy cooking and baking shows, and he’s developed quite an interest in being on TV. Lately, he’s taken to standing in front of the fireplace and telling me he’s doing his fireplace show, which consists of him telling me about anything that’s on his mind from the itty bitty stage that is the hearth. Thus, I decided it would be fun to shoot a cooking show–or, as he preferred, a baking show. Which is really easier for kids because the prep part rarely involves heat or anything sharp.

So here’s our first, rickety, badly filmed shot at making a baking show. He absolutely loved it (though his sister, as you might hear from her commentary in the background, was not entirely thrilled to be working behind the camera), and we are absolutely going to do it again–especially since I’ve now learned how to focus the camera properly and use iMovie and all that.

Here’s the recipe we’re going over in the show. It’s a very healthy cracker recipe, and I’ve got some tweaks from Sam’s instructions–it’s actually better in the blender, and we got a little hectic toward the end there and somewhat underbaked two of the trays, plus this recipe includes the granulated garlic. Continue reading “Sam Hosts a Cooking Show”

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Weight Loss

Everyone has their own way of getting through a workout.

Since giving birth to my daughter in December 2015, I’ve lost fifty pounds: an amount I never really thought I’d have to lose. I’ve spent much of my adult life battling the ten to twenty “extra” pounds I usually carry, and had thought it a huge triumph when I once lost twenty-five pounds in one go. Now, I can barely fathom that I’ve shed so much. Nursing is a big part of it. But I have to acknowledge some of the lessons I’ve learned in the past year or so, and apply them as I push forward, trying once again to shed the last ten to twenty pounds. (This may be the first of a multi-part post; new thoughts occur on this subject quite often.) And since it’s the diet and exercise season, I thought I’d share them with you. Continue reading “5 Things I’ve Learned About Weight Loss”