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How to Get Your Kids to Make Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume

img_20171024_155003.jpgWe’re not all crafty people. We don’t all own glue guns or sewing machines and we don’t all know what decoupage is. Then again, some of us are/have/know all these things and just get busy or tired or lazy. Plus, we don’t want to drop forty bucks (or more!) on a store-bought Halloween costume. What do we do?

If we have kids, we call it an art project. Continue reading “How to Get Your Kids to Make Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume”

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How to Make a Drinking Straw Fairy Wand


What does your little one want to be for Halloween?

I just listed this adorable fairy costume on Etsy, inspired by some prints my daughter has in her room of various flower fairies. I just thought that the shape of daisy petals lent itself to making wings, and it really does. See?


So I took some wire and some plastic and tulle and fabric and yarn and ribbon and made some wings.

But that’s a lot of materials and you might not want to go through the trouble considering how easily you can buy a pair of wings. But you know what I’ve noticed is missing from a lot of fairy costumes?

A wand. Continue reading “How to Make a Drinking Straw Fairy Wand”