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SBT Gift Guide: The Theater Geek

Of course, I’m always going to recommend books as gifts. For your neighborhood theater geek (I can call them that because I sort of am one… I most certainly was in my youth), books are a fantastic option–and by books, of course, I mean plays. Or screenplays, if your theater geek is also a movie buff which, naturally, quite a few of us are.

But maybe a play isn’t the thing. Okay. Something Shakespearean might be fun:

And of course, theater kids love to let the world know that they are theater kids.


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Friends & Family

SBT Gift Guide: The Outdoorsman (or -Woman)

It’s the Christmas shopping season, people! Maybe you’ve got someone on your list who loves to be outdoors–maybe they hunt and fish, or maybe they just love to commune with nature. Maybe they love to watch TV shows about survivalists just so they can quibble. They own more than one pair of hiking boots and know why people say moss grows on the north side of the tree (and that they’re actually wrong).

Unless you are equally outdoorsy, this person might be tough to shop for. So here are a few ideas, and all of them from small-time sellers on Etsy (including my own shops–gotta be up front about that). {For more info on any item, just click on the picture.}

My first idea when giving to just about anyone is to find the perfect book:

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