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33 for 33: Bad Moms

badmomsOn Saturday, my mommy pals and I went to see A Bad Moms Christmas.

It was hilarious. I mean, in so many ways it was a terrible movie, but I laughed harder and longer than I have in a looooong time. It’s got a killer cast and it’s unapologetically raunchy.

But you know what made me laugh even more? My friends. Continue reading “33 for 33: Bad Moms”

Fun & Games

How to Have a Great Day at the Beach (When You Don’t Really Like Beaches or Summer in General)


We’re in those final, golden days of summer–or so I’m told by people who aren’t wishing it were fall. Not being a summer person myself (I moved to Washington State from San Diego, where it’s even summer on Christmas and people think fifty degrees is literally freezing, and I gotta say I’m much happier here) I struggle to see what’s so golden. I’m getting a bit sick of the sun (and sunburns), fun (sunblock, sandy diapers, bugs), and limbo beach parties (a fun name for the inevitable tantrums that come from putting on sunblock and/or getting sunburned, getting sand in your diaper, or being bitten by the terrible bugs).

Not that the other seasons don’t have their pitfalls. But summer–well, I’m ready for it to end.

BUT: My family is not ready. They love the sun. They love the outdoors. Not that they don’t appreciate a good rainy day and a warm mug of cocoa–they just love nature, the weirdos. In the sun or in the mud, really. Continue reading “How to Have a Great Day at the Beach (When You Don’t Really Like Beaches or Summer in General)”