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33 for 33: Bad Moms

badmomsOn Saturday, my mommy pals and I went to see A Bad Moms Christmas.

It was hilarious. I mean, in so many ways it was a terrible movie, but I laughed harder and longer than I have in a looooong time. It’s got a killer cast and it’s unapologetically raunchy.

But you know what made me laugh even more? My friends. Continue reading “33 for 33: Bad Moms”

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Five Must-Watch Titles for New Year’s Eve (Unless You’re Actually Out Doing Something–Doing Something is Better)


Rudolph’s Shiny New Year

Nobody I talk to ever knows about this one, though I’d say it’s arguably one of the best Rankin & Bass movies. Way better than the first Rudolph. It’s got that fantastic old-school stop-motion thing going on, and Red Skelton plays Father Time, and there’s a big vulture named Eon the Terrible and a cave man and a knight and a dude with a clock for a chest and all sorts of good stuff. Continue reading “Five Must-Watch Titles for New Year’s Eve (Unless You’re Actually Out Doing Something–Doing Something is Better)”

Friends & Family


My lovely friend Antoinette (aka The Healthy Professor) posted something on her blog this morning that got me thinking. She wrote about her busy life, how she’s spread too thin, and how she wants to find balance between productivity and enjoyment–enjoyment of where she is right now.

Antoinette and I are kind of like parallel lines. Well, not exactly. We’ve zigged and zagged a few times to bump into each other, but ultimately, we’re never going to really meet. I first met her in the second grade, when we were in the same class, but while I remember a lot about elementary school, second grade was not a good year for me and I’ve mostly blocked it out. I do remember that Antoinette was the only kid who ever got her worksheets turned in before I did. I both admired and hated her for that. (I’ve always been a grade-grubber. Just one of my many charming attributes.) After that, I moved away for a while and then moved back into the same school district, where we attended the same middle school but on different tracks (the school was year-round). In high school, we were both honors students and had a couple of classes together, most memorably tenth grade English, where we sat close to each other and on at least one occasion, she made me reexamine the way I thought about life.

Right now, Antoinette and I are about as far away from each other as you can get in the contiguous United States–Florida and Washington–but I still see us running parallel, and darn it, she’s still making me reexamine things. We are both writers and bloggers, both lovers of the English language. Her daughter and my son were born in the same year. We both play guitar (though I’m sure she’s much better at it, as I only play a handful of chords), we both like to cook, we both like adult coloring books. We’re also different in oh-so-many ways–most ways, really–but she’s one of my favorite Facebook friends, and I admire her.

But whenever I read Antoinette’s blog, I never think, that is so me. I often think, why isn’t that me?

Antoinette loves to exercise. I would love to love to exercise. She gets stuff done. I have a to-do list and a pile of dirty laundry that just keeps growing. Today, she posted about being spread too thin; lately, I’ve been feeling like a glob of jelly on toast. Continue reading “Reset”