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Christmas Specials for Awesome People


Very British Problems, Season Two Episode One: “Very British Problems at Christmas”

This one is on Netflix, and if you haven’t discovered Very British Problems yet, you need to–especially if you’re an introvert and/or socially awkward (two terms that apparently define the British identity, according to the show). It’s narrated by Harry Potter‘s own Molly Weasley (Julie Walters) and features a lot of amazing actors/comedians, including Stephen Mangan and James Corden. Continue reading “Christmas Specials for Awesome People”

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A Bowling Ball Named Homer, and other References that Make Up My Marriage

homerLast month, my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Tenth! I’ve now officially been married longer than I’ve done just about anything else. Longer than I’ve lived in one place, longer than I’ve attended any school. Wow.

So–lately I’ve been thinking about my marriage.

My husband and I are nerds. “Geeks” might be the more precise term. As in we get really excited about odd things and get kind of obsessive about them. Most of our geekery is separate, but there’s one thing we tend to geek out on together: television. More specifically, animation. Cartoons made for grown-ups. Continue reading “A Bowling Ball Named Homer, and other References that Make Up My Marriage”