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Sugarbaby: An Update

Sam and his bionic arm. (Okay, it's just an IV.)
Sam and his bionic arm. (Okay, it’s just an IV.)

Sam and I visited the hospital last week so he could have a cortisol test. The doctors are very interested in his cortisol levels because, if you recall, he has an ectopic posterior pituitary gland, and the pituitary produces both cortisol and growth hormone, two very important chemicals in the human body. He’s been diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, and now we inject him with HGH every evening (he’s a trooper–he really doesn’t mind his shots), but since his blood glucose hasn’t really improved the way the doctors expect it would, they decided to go looking for other hormonal culprits.

His cortisol levels are fine. His thyroid is fine. They’re even starting to reevaluate the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency, which means we’ll probably have to go through another grueling hormone test, plus meetings with a metabolic specialist and whatever tests he needs to conduct. Continue reading “Sugarbaby: An Update”