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Curry in a Hurry: My Favorite Lazy Weeknight Meal


When I was first learning to cook, I took a lot of pride in preparing even the simplest recipes. I was of the persuasion that cooking was magic, so even if all I had to do was boil something in water (I was so proud of my first St. Patrick’s Day corned beef, for which you do exactly that) I felt like I was on Emeril Live!. You see, prior to discovering Food Network, I didn’t know you could make your own pudding (except for rice pudding, which my parents loved but struck me as distinctly different from pudding pudding), or what tiramisu was, or how on earth to cut any vegetable into uniform pieces. I had followed a few recipes in my time and created edible food but mostly under duress–like that time my mom had to work Thanksgiving so Dad did the turkey and I made the sides. I don’t know if it was any good, either, because that was before I learned to like Thanksgiving food, so I didn’t eat much of it except pumpkin pie, which was overcooked and soggy-bottomed, but I loved it because I’d never had it any other way. (Sorry, Mom.)

Anyhow. It was in this phase of life, learning to cook and all, that I found a recipe online for chicken panang curry. Continue reading “Curry in a Hurry: My Favorite Lazy Weeknight Meal”

Cooking & Eating

Twelve Tasty Things


The world’s trickiest cookie?

Grilled cheese from an expert.


Don’t forget the drinks.

It’s almost time for this.

I’ve got to make these again sometime.

My family loves this soup.

I’ve got to try this curry.

Eclair heaven.

Even the biggest meat eaters need to go veggie sometimes.

Big Cheeeeeeeeese.

In case your favorite vanilla treats have disappeared from the shelves: an explanation.