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March Reading List

I did NOT make it through the books I wanted to read in March. Mainly because I got really mired down in Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue. It’s dense, complex, lyrical, and contains a cast of thousands–I guess my brain is no longer strong enough to keep up with that kind of thing. I actually gave up on it yesterday (I’ll come back to it some other time, I’m sure–but I’ll probably have to start over) and decided to aim a little lower in March. So I’m only scheduling three books this month, the first of which I’d really hoped to read in February, which is:


After that, I’ll go a little bit lighter and read:


And then end the month with the skinniest book in my library, the movie of which I have seen countless times (and from which comes the title of this blog–ten points if you remember which scene), and have been meaning to read for years and years and years:


Reading & Writing

February Reading List

Here’s what I’m reading (and blogging about, should the Fates allow) in February, in case you want to read along:


(Because you have to read a love story in honor of Valentine’s Day)


(Re-reading this one, actually–a little nostalgia)


(Always exciting to read something new by Michael Chabon. I’m a little behind the times–this came out in 2012–but it’s new to me.)


(Pushed Carrie Fisher back until March, because it’s Black History Month and it seems like a good time to read this one–I hear it’s wonderful.)