Fun & Games

Title This:

title contest in color.png

A few pretty obvious titles come to mind for this little doodle, but I thought I’d throw it out to you guys and see if we can come up with something clever. If I get enough responses that I like, maybe I’ll do a New Yorker style vote and give the winner a prize…

Fun & Games

Caption Contest with Myself

I drew this doodle the other day but I didn’t know how to caption it… too many options! But I figured I don’t have a large enough readership to have a caption contest, so I thought I’d have one with myself. No matter how it turns out, I know I’ll win!caption contest

“Okay team: Babysitter removal strategies. I’m thinking Stewie Griffin. I’m thinking Home Alone. Go.”

“First, I’d like to say that nobody’s on trial here, but which one of you keeps drinking all the tea?”

“Let the first meeting of the Bedtime Buddies begin. I wanted to call us the Lullaby League, but apparently that was already taken.”