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My First Second Pregnancy

Back when I thought the second time would be easier.
Back when I thought the second time would be easier.


When I got pregnant nine-ish months ago, I knew almost immediately. I began feeling those early pregnancy symptoms (the ones I looked up on the internet a thousand times when trying for my son) within three days of conception. This, medically, is not supposed to be possible, though with a little more Googling, I found many moms on the mommy boards who reported the same thing (maybe we got knocked up earlier than we think we did, maybe we’re psychic, maybe the doctors don’t know what they’re talking about–hmm). Everything seemed to come earlier–the nausea, the belly, the waddling. Of course they did! It was my second pregnancy! MY BODY HAD DONE THIS BEFORE. It knew what it was doing. Unfortunately, despite the fact that my body knows a lot more about what it’s doing this time, I do not.

People will tell you that you feel a second pregnancy earlier because you’re more attuned to what to look for. Mistaking gas bubbles for baby kicks? Not this time. You’re smarter this time. You can more accurately differentiate these things. Be confident. You know what you’re doing. Continue reading “My First Second Pregnancy”