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33 for 33: Visit a Psychic

pexels-photo-235615.jpegI have long wanted to go see a psychic–not because I believe in psychic abilities or tarot cards or anything like that, but because I’m so curious what someone in that profession would say to me. Psychic or no, the people who tell fortunes have to look you up and down, figure you out as quickly and accurately as possible. If they can do that exceptionally well, it’s called mentalism. Whether you believe mentalism is skill or supernatural–that’s your call.

Not that I expected to find a true mentalist in my little Seattle suburb–or anywhere, really–but still. Charlatan or not, I figured I’d get a kick out of getting a reading.

I finally found my opportunity to visit a psychic about two weeks ago, when my husband I were having a date night.

First of all, let me say that this is the perfect date night activity. Fun, a little crazy, and a sure source of conversation for the rest of the evening. Continue reading “33 for 33: Visit a Psychic”

Reading & Writing

Writing Prompt: Birthdays

Bday.pngTomorrow is my birthday! I will be 33 years old. Wow. I remember when I had a notebook in which I counted all the days until I turned sixteen (I was twelve at the time and thought sixteen would be a magical age–how wrong I was and how many days I had before I found that out!). It’s almost hard to fathom my age or the “fine lines” appearing on my face or the fact that I’ve got kids and a husband and pets to feed. The older I get, the more complicated my feelings about birthdays become.

So why not write about it? And why not drag you along with me?

That’s our writing prompt for today: birthdays. Whatever it means to you, whatever ideas it conjures. At least five minutes. Go.

Mine: Continue reading “Writing Prompt: Birthdays”