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Trivia Tuesday: Llamas

Do you like trivia? I do. I’ve been going to trivia nights lately (okay, I went to two–but I want to make it a regular thing!) and have been having fun with facts lately, so I thought I’d try something new and make a series of trivia videos for your entertainment and enlightenment. Here’s my first stab at it:

Most of these pictures are of my mom’s old pet llama (at one point she had three; he was the last one to leave this earth), Magnet. He’s been gone a lot of years, but never forgotten. RIP, Mags, you old bastard. (He knows I mean that with love.)

Also, fun fact that didn’t make it into the video–well, more a theory than a fact–apparently some people think llamas are called “llamas” because they didn’t have a name and someone asked in Spanish, “Como se llama?” and they were like, “Yeah, sure, we’ll call it a llama.”

Fun & Games

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

champagneI don’t think I’ve ever been to a New Year’s Eve party. If I have, it clearly didn’t stick in my memory. I do remember various December thirty-firsts spent watching movies alone, or with my husband, or falling asleep at nine pm because, hey, that’s New Year’s on the east coast.

When I was twelve (that would have been the last day of 1996), I spent New Year’s Eve alone in my bedroom watching Clueless on the itty bitty TV/VCR combo I’d gotten for Christmas (high tech!), eating junk food and occasionally glancing over to my poster of Rider Strong (Shawn from Boy Meets World–I’d torn the poster, in which he held a rose and looked seductively at the camera, out of an issue of Tiger Beat).

Last year, I–what did I do? I think I woke up at midnight to curse my neighbor who was setting off fireworks. Thankfully, I don’t think either of the kids woke up (though the girl was still nursing round the clock so I’m sure she woke up an hour later) but the dog sure did–she hates fireworks.

I have always dreamed of donning a sparkly silver dress, painting on a smoky eye, and going somewhere with twinkle lights and champagne. It would have to be a hotel, I think, because I’ve always been wary of holiday drunk drivers–even moreso since two of my friends were hit by one in the early ’00s and each lost a leg.

I am the kind of person to ruin the party by bringing these things up–which is probably another reason I’ve never been to a New Year’s party. I’m not very cool, I guess. Never have been. Probably never will be.

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a PSA about drunk driving. I’m really quite curious: how do you spend New Year’s Eve? Is it all sparkles and sequins, or is it low-key? Maybe you don’t even celebrate–or maybe you stay up all night making lists of resolutions.

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This or That: The Twilight Zone or The Week After Christmas?

TWZTitleSpiral001edI’m totally stealing this format from McSweeney’s and they’d probably do it better, but oh well. I thought it was funny.

  • The same things happen over and over. All sense of time dissolves.
  • A man on an airplane becomes convinced there’s a gremlin on the wing.
  • A woman goes to sleep and finds, when she wakes, that the world has changed entirely.
  • The world is destroyed and rebuilt again, all in twenty-two minutes.
  • You look into the mirror to find you’re suddenly an old woman.
  • The ants are in control. Resistance is useless.
  • Santa Claus decides to move to Bermuda.
  • A woman meets a man in a bar. They fall in love. Then he tells her he’s going to outer space in the morning.
  • The power goes out for three days. By the end, people are resorting to cannibalism.
  • Ice. Ice. Everywhere: ice.