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Laura Ender earned her MFA in creative writing from Eastern Washington University, where she worked as an assistant managing editor for Willow Springs. Her book reviews and recommendations have appeared in The Collagist and The Lit Pub as well as Bark. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in One Teen Story, Indiana Review, Bellevue Literary Review, and elsewhere. She is currently at work on a young adult novel. She lives in the greater Seattle area with her husband and two children.


Laura Ender believes in dirt and hugs. Her son often spends the afternoon without pants, and occasionally covered in yogurt. Her baby daughter’s greatest ambition is to dunk her hands in Mommy’s coffee.


Laura Ender used to go to therapy but now she just draws cartoons. She has a dog and a cat and six chickens and a husband who does most of the work around here. Her favorite color is orange and her favorite comfort foods all involve cheese. She’s been to something like eleven countries and fifteen states, not counting airport layovers. She admires Tina Fey and Julia Child and people who know how to get stains out of carpets.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Laura,
    Just finished reading your story “Violets” in One Teen Story. I’m in tears. So moved. It’s an amazing piece. I felt deeply for your protagonist. Read much of the story with my mouth agape at Aunt Sylvia’s nerve and the dad’s insensitivity. Wanted to kick Sylvia, too! Loved how you used Hamlet in the story as well. Enjoyed it from beginning to end and I’ll look forward to your novel. Congratulations on One Story. That’s a great accomplishment, as well.
    Toni Ann Johnson

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