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Six Things I Learned This Week

There’s no solid agreement as to where the word “beagle” comes from. Some think it is derived from the Gaelic word “beag,” meaning “little,” while others think it comes from the French term for a hound’s hunting bark, which goes, “be’geule.”

You can buy scented ink for your fountain pen (if you’re wealthy and into aromatherapy).

There’s a term for the energy burned by the movement you do each day that doesn’t count as “exercise” (washing the dishes, playing hide and seek with your kids, etc.) Fitness people call it “NEAT”: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It’s probably what fueled the idea of step counting and it’s apparently what makes some people “naturally thin.” It’s also why I hate whoever it was told me I should stop fidgeting so much when I was a skinny teenager.

You can make your own Archimedes Screw. (Also, this thing is called an Archimedes Screw, though it’s possible Archimedes didn’t invent it.)

Quinoa plants have colorful flowers.

Also, today is National Trivia Day!


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