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The Resolution to Write: Starting Strong

Happy New Year!

It’s the first day of the year and the first day of your resolution to write in 2020. Hopefully, you’ve got that day-one excitement flowing through you, pushing you to hit your goals, making the first day feel exciting and, with any luck, easy.

Of course, “easy” is never guaranteed and some of you might be getting the jitters or just finding it harder than you expected to get things really rolling. If you’re in that boat, I just want to say:

You can do it.

I might not know you but I can still believe in you, because if you can write a sentence, you can write one after the other. You can write paragraphs and pages and novels if you work hard enough. You can put your ideas on paper, into a Word.doc, or even the notepad app on your phone.

Also, here are a few writing exercises to help you get moving:

Two Minutes out of Control

Stream of Consciousness

The Horizon

Get Your Protagonist in Trouble


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