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Christmas Time is Here…

…bringing on a full-on identity crisis. With the exception of a couple angsty holidays in my 20s, I’ve always loved Christmas. But I’ve always felt conflicted about loving Christmas, like, am I the sort of person who loves Christmas? I rally hard (although less hard now that I have kids) against a lot that Christmas-season brings to the table, things like: consumerism, out-decorating your neighbors, unabashed and aggressive displays of religion that I worry it makes others feel excluded, buying clothes to be worn only once or twice, and the uptick in depression and anxiety for so many people. You know, just light stuff.

All that aside, I still FREAKING LOVE IT. And maybe it’s a sign of maturity or a slackening of my moral code. But right or wrong, I don’t worry about what it means that I love it. I just crank up the Christmas music and love it. I do worry that my kids are becoming spoiled twerps, but that’s for another comic. Yearly Religious Leanings

Whether you’re a holiday-lover or not, I wish you a happy December. And when you’re walking in that winter wonderland, remember that in studies, they’ve found that a shot of cold air up your nose makes you happier than a shot of hot air. For some reason, that always cheers me up in the winter;)

2 thoughts on “Christmas Time is Here…”

  1. I totally get the Christmas identity crisis. Because I am a person who loves Christmas, and sometimes for the wrong reasons (shopping! gluttony!)–and I also worry about spoiling my children and I struggle with my relationship to religion and all of that. Maybe it’s just a Band-Aid to make me feel better about the many, many, many toys my kids will find under the Christmas tree or the gallons of peppermint mocha I’ve already consumed, but this year I’ve been trying really hard to teach my kids about giving. It’s kind of like those “what’s your one thing?” commercials on the radio about saving the planet (does anybody else still listen to the radio?) but I suppose I’m doing it to save my kids…


    1. I love that idea of focusing on one thing. I’m going to choose gratitude! We’ll have to check in to see how our one thing is going:) (I listen to the radio ALL THE TIME, one of the gifts of having old cars is no Bluetooth:) )

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