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TV Christmas Specials To Watch Over and Over


There are so many great Christmas movies and TV specials–too many to watch in one year, really. And how do you make Christmas special if not by watching other people’s special Christmases on TV? Here’s a list of some specials I have to watch every year–sometimes over and over again. You might have to search a little to find some of these, especially now that Fox has removed their shows from the popular streaming services, but they’re all worth the effort. I promise. (And that last one is available on Netflix!)

The Simpsons: “Simpsons Roasting Over an Open Fire”
An absolute classic, and the very first Simpson’s special! When Homer’s Christmas bonus is cancelled and Marge has to spend her savings on an emergency, Homer takes a job as a mall Santa to bring Christmas to his family.

Futurama: “Xmas Story”
Fry has his first Christmas in the future (or Xmas… “You must be using an archaic pronunciation, like when you say ask instead of axe.”) and discovers that the holiday is now ruled by a robotic Santa Claus who deems just about everyone to be naughty… and punishes them for it.

Futurama: “A Tale of Two Santas”
The crew freezes the murderous robot Santa in the ice on Neptune and tries to bring a jollier version of Xmas to the world, with Bender at the reins.

Rocko’s Modern Life: “Rocko’s Modern Christmas”
Rocko is determined to bring Christmas cheer to O-Town with the help of a family of elves who have moved in across the street.

The Angry Beavers: “Arbor Day”
Arbor Day is Beaver Christmas! But when Dag and Norb open their gifts on Arbor Day morning, they find that their parents have not exactly been fair…

Bob’s Burgers: “The Last Gingerbread House on the Left”
Mr. Fischoeder recruits Bob to throw a gingerbread building contest so he won’t come in last place; the family and Teddy go caroling.

Bob’s Burgers: “Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins”
Bob’s uncle dies and bequeaths them the contents of his storage unit, where a man who believes he used to be a store mannequin has been living. Naturally, they let him live in their basement and create window displays for them.

Bob’s Burgers: Any Other Christmas Special
They’re all good.

Very British Problems: “At Christmas”
British celebrities (mostly comedians) discuss the oddments and foibles of the British people, focusing on the traditions of Christmas.

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