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My First Apple Pie

pie.jpgI used to hate apple pie.

When I say hate, I mean, HATE.

The texture of the apples made me gag. The flavors were never as good as the smell. But most importantly, apple pie was my brother’s dessert of choice–so much so that he requested it each year in lieu of birthday cake.

How could I like something that robbed me, each year, of eating birthday cake? No, it wasn’t my birthday, but he got to eat my cake! And he had no dessert aversions at all so there was nothing I could do to keep my cake to myself out of spite.

All right–it’s not just about my brother. I still don’t like a mediocre apple pie. Unfortunately, it seems that most apple pies are mediocre–to me, at least. If I’m going to eat apple pie it has to be perfect. And preferably contain almonds and caramel.

Yes, apple pie purists of the world–I hear your screams. And I respect your opinion. Which is why in this post, I’m sharing my gateway apple pie recipe–the one that got me to give apple pie a chance and opened my mind to cooked apples of all kinds. The following link will take you to a simple, sweet pie that I have not yet been able to ruin:

My First Apple Pie

2 thoughts on “My First Apple Pie”

  1. I’m not a fan of apple pie, or really anything apple, but every fall my husband starts talking about apple pie and I always feel bad about not making one because I can’t stomach helping him finish it. But if you liked this one, I’ll give it a try. Besides, the Food Network has yet to let me down. Making pie dough scares me, so have you used pre-made pie crust and, if so, is it just as good?

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    1. I’ve used pre-made pie crust for sure. I can’t say it’s just as good–it’s a little different from the flaky crust I make at home, but it’s just as good as most commercial pie crusts, which tend to be a shorter, less flaky dough. But I always think that if you’re making something you don’t particularly want to make, you should make it as easy on yourself as possible. (Also, if I don’t want to make something, I’m much more prone to making mistakes!)

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