30 Days of Apples, Cooking & Eating

30 Days of Apple Goodness

Though Starbucks has already released its pumpkin spice latte, there are some who would claim it’s too early.

Sure: it’s not officially fall. Sure: pumpkins aren’t quite in season. Sure: we shouldn’t let a corporation’s calendar dictate our lives.

But you know what it isn’t too early for? Apples.

Apples, apples, apples.


As a Washingtonian (transplanted from California but, hey, most of us are these days), I keep a pretty close eye on the apple crops near me. The U-pick orchards are expected to open mid-month, and I plan to be there with an armful of empty bags. Until then, the grocery store apples are already beginning to get riper and cheaper.

It’s time to make some pie. Apple crisps, apple ice cream, apple everything–stay tuned, because you’re about to get thirty days’ worth of spicy, sweet goodness.



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