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Writing Challenge: Write What You Hate

twilight poster_4What is your least favorite genre? What books do you sneer at in Barnes & Noble? What would you never write ever in a million years?

That’s what you’re going to write.

And you’re going to take it seriously. For at least ten minutes.

Now, you might think it impossible for someone who doesn’t like romance/YA/sci fi/horror/whatever to write romance/YA/sci fi/horror/whatever. With that kind of attitude, you’re bound to fail. (Ever watch The Great British Baking Show? Remember the guy who hated fruit pies? He kept saying it over and over… and his fruit pie was trash. And he got eliminated. Which is too bad because he was an excellent baker.) On the other hand, if you approach it as a challenge, if you decide to push yourself, you can rock it. (Ever watch Face Off? Remember when they made Monster High characters and the two humorous hipster guys could barely hold back their mockery of the challenge? Remember how they made an amazing fish monster glamour girl and won the whole thing?)

Okay, maybe you don’t share my taste in TV and it seems like I’m babbling. But I still think it’s a great challenge.

I’ll post mine in the comments, and I encourage you to post yours!


2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Write What You Hate”

  1. The coven wouldn’t keep her for long. The question was, how would they dispose of her?
    She’d grown up with stories of witches wandering the world, hunting children and devouring their bones. Don’t go into the forest: a common refrain. Too common.
    The forest called to her.
    But now, in this little room full of foul-smelling jars, the floor not made of dirt but just as filthy, she wished she’d listened. This was no fairy tale; no woodsman was coming to chop down the door. And these women (if you could call them that–if that is what they were) who spoke so little, who barely looked at her–
    It didn’t bear thinking about.
    They were arguing outside the door, mostly grunts and snarls. She tried to get close, to listen, but the tall one had muttered something as it left the room and she found she could not come within three feet of the door.
    “She’ll be gone soon.” The clearest thing she could make out, practically shouted. “She’ll be gone soon.”


    1. This was interesting to write. I thought I was writing something teen/Twilight-y but I so quickly moved toward fairy tales, which are NOT something I hate. It’s funny because I generally like YA and I generally like fantasy but when you link the two together (with the exception of Harry Potter but that only got me because it started out as children’s or young reader; if you started at book five I never would have read another word) I just can’t.


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