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Poem Number Two: Never, Never (A Sonnet in Iambic Pentameter)

pexels-photo-733071.jpegNever, Never

I’ve never climbed the steps of the Great Wall,
I’ve never been to Thailand or Nepal,
I’ve never seen the light dapple tea trees,
I’ve never learned a word of Japanese.

I’ve never seen a lion without bars
Between me and the swipe of his great claws,
I’ve never ridden in a Jeep at night
To see nocturnal beasts in my headlights.

I’ve never really stretched myself too far
I’ve never heard the heaving drums of war
I’ve never even broken any bones
Though I have seen them in the catacombs.

But still I’ve done a lot in my short life
Though I’m a simple mother and a wife.


(See also: Poem One of National Poetry Month. Also, I have learned a few words of Japanese, but it fit the rhyme scheme better than Vietnamese, which is what I originally wrote… the rest is totally true. Also, that’s slant line in the second stanza, which is a totally valid poetic technique. I think.)


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