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Oh The Places You’ll Never Go, or It’s A Pain in the Butt to Travel with Children


If there’s one thing my husband and I really have in common, it’s a desire to travel.

We go about it differently–we want to see different things along the way, we have different scheduling styles–but we both love to see new places and do new things. Introverts though we are, we even like meeting new people from time to time. We always tell ourselves we’re going to take more trips, go on more adventures.

The thing is, we have two children.

There are people out there who don’t understand why this is a problem–even people with children. Some peoples’ kids are great travelers, I guess. That’s amazing and I’m glad for them. My children, on the other hand–

Okay, they love to travel. They love riding in new vehicles, flying in planes, exploring the airport. They’re even okay with road trips if there are frequent stops. They love packing suitcases and staying in hotels. They love continental breakfasts and what the boy calls “vacation Cheerios” (aka Froot Loops). They would be thrilled if we traveled more–if every trip were tailored to them.

They don’t want to go to museums unless there’s a kid’s area with crayons and stuff to climb on, in which case they’ll confine at least one parent to this area until lunchtime. They don’t want to go to restaurants that don’t serve grilled cheese and fries. They’re getting better about waiting in lines and following directions, but they still like to grab everything they see whether they’re allowed to or not, and to climb on things, and to run and scream and when that wears them out, to be carried around like so much luggage.

Of course, they’re young. Really young. Two and four: babies. Things will change.

But it will never be the same.

I keep telling myself that I can adapt, both to traveling with kids and missing them if I ever get the guts to travel without them. I keep telling myself we need to get out more, go on more adventures–

But then I don’t schedule anything.

Now, it’s nearly springtime, which means it’s nearly summer, which means if we’re going to travel this year, I’ve got to start planning.

In April, I want to at least catch the tail end of Get Lit! in Spokane, whether I go alone or the family tags along and plays with our friends in the area. If I go alone, it will be my first time away from the kids overnight. The thought is both thrilling and terrifying; I don’t know if I can do it.

This summer, I want us to go camping (we haven’t been since I was pregnant with the girl; this was a fun trip because I had to get up to pee about twelve times that night, the dog was too afraid to stay in the tent without me and thus trotted along on all twelve trips, my constant waking kept my husband up, and then my son threw a screaming tantrum at about five a.m., waking the whole campground).

I want to get used to traveling with littles (though I know they won’t be little for long). I want to take more day trips. I want to get out of the friggin’ house (and come summertime, my children will demand it).

We’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Oh The Places You’ll Never Go, or It’s A Pain in the Butt to Travel with Children”

  1. Hey Laura! I can identify with you on this one. My husband is very content to stay home and watch Netflix or surf the Internet during his free time, and I have inner tendencies toward being a homebody as well. The difference between me and my husband is that when I see myself slipping into those tendencies, I make the effort to break it and follow through. It always ends up being beneficial; the traveling we have done with our kids has been memorable and fun (with hiccups here and there because, kids). We are actually returning to California this summer for the first time since leaving. More about that at another time. Anyway, I know that for me, the more I traveled with my babies, the easier it got. I think you should stick with it, and I wish you luck. You and your family have a lot to offer the world, which includes just your presence sometimes. I am excited for you all to make fun memories in new places. 🙂

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    1. “Because, kids” about sums it up. Thanks for your encouragement, Antoinette! We do need to get out there. And I hope you’re doing well! I’ve read your blog from time to time but I imagine that doesn’t nearly encompass your life and babies and new home and such. Hope you’re well. 🙂


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