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bear.pngI am frustrated.

I’ve been trying to get into this whole YouTube/internet video thing. I don’t feel that it’s going well.

I’ve posted a few videos now–on parenting, about books and authors–but I know I haven’t quite found the groove. I think my problem with these videos is the same problem I have in most aspects of my life: I want too much. I want them to be smart and funny. I want them to have broad appeal. I want them to have some sort of informational/educational value. I want them to make you laugh out loud. I want them to teach you something, to get you inspired, to send you to the library looking for more.

Part of the reason I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog this week is that I’ve been working on a new video about spring cleaning. (Also I’ve been deep cleaning my house.) The thing is, every tip I give is a viable cleaning tactic, which I think is undermining the humor. If it’s even humorous at all.

I don’t even know anymore.

Is it funny to clean your toilet with root beer? (Really works, BTW.) Or clean your tub with booze? (Also quite effective.) Or use lemon juice as perfume? (The scent wears off too quickly but you smell sweet for a while.)

What do you do when a project gets you all knotted up?

Me, I’m watching Paw Patrol and drinking wine. I don’t think it’s really helping.


1 thought on “Urggggggghhhh.”

  1. You’ve give. Yourself so e difficult tasks. Making cleaning fun, AND entertaining could be a tough challenge. Keep at it though, viewers will find you if they are interested in the topic.


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