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Welcome to Sheri, who, along with being my BFF, is an amazing mother, wife, gardener and DIY-er. She’s a tea drinker, an animal lover, and has amazing style. I hope you’ll love her as much as I do. Here, she introduces herself through her relationship to her house.


I was in my mid twenties when my husband and I bought our house.

When I first saw it, I twirled around the large yard like Maria from Sound of Music. I loved that the house was older, had a fairly open floor plan, and needed some love.  My husband and I knew this was the house: the house to fix up, where we could finally have a dog and start a family.

After a few years, though, I started to become disgruntled with my house. It is small, with one bathroom and no garage. The yard is huge and a little more than I  felt I could handle at times.

In the early years I was an avid watcher of HGTV. I watched hours of shows looking for inspiration for paint color, DIY ideas and decoration tips.  I watched episode after episode of young, successful people moving to homes much larger and nicer than mine, still making comments like “Ew laminate, how awful!” and “This entire place has to be torn apart and redone!” Thousands upon thousands of dollars later (which they spent so easily) they would have their dream home. I started to feel bad about myself. It was hopeless. I would never have a nice house. THE END!

Skip forward a couple years and my husband and I had just made it through the biggest recession since the great depression. We had just had a baby boy that we were not planning on and went into further debt to pay the hospital, doctors etc.  Poor me again right?

No–I made a significant realization about my house and our situation. My husband and I had bought a house we could afford, so even when he was out of work for 16 months we could still cobble together the money to pay our mortgage. So many lost their beautiful homes. People left their houses and all their belongings behind in foreclosures, people living in tent camps to survive. We had made it mostly unscathed and I was so grateful.

I slowly started to pay attention to my house again. I wanted to hug her and show her my appreciation for all that living here has allowed us to do. We have our dog, cats and two beautiful kids who have never had to move around. Our children have their own bedrooms and lots of space outside to run, play, and dream at will. I started watching YouTube videos of other moms like myself sharing great tips for motherhood, cooking, DIY around the house etc. There isn’t a room I haven’t put my stamp on.  

I love my house. Even if we could move I wouldn’t because this is our house. My children love their home and feel safe and settled here. Someday when I go back to work we will take the extra money and use it to travel and have experiences that we would not be able to if we upgraded and carried a larger mortgage.

So I encourage you readers to love your house. Take care of your house and it will take care of you.

4 thoughts on “House Proud”

    1. There are so many ideas out there now to temporarily personalize rentals it’s really exciting. Everyone should feel good about the place they live. Good for you!


  1. I was reading this article and for some reason it made me think of my friend and her adorable home she takes so much pride in… I scrolled to the next topic and realized with no clue in the world that you my friend are the friend I thought of as I read this!!! I has no idea you were doing blogs now!!!! Thx for the advice…. we love our new to us home…. and it needs lots of TLC and DIY craft days!!!


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