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Five Housekeeping Habits

pexels-photo-434163.jpegI have done a lot of research on housekeeping. I’ve read articles, blogs, sections of books  on the subject. There’s this one lady who runs a vlog called Clutterbug–that’s all she talks about! Housekeeping is a hot subject and there’s a lot of information out there and if you like to do research like I do, you could keep researching for years. There are so many resources for the hopeless housekeepers of the world, and if you’re an excellent procrastinator like I am you know if you’re doing research, you don’t actually have to clean or organize your home.

Basically, housekeeping is hard. And complicated. And if you have little kids like mine, it can feel like a waste of time. You get it, right? You hate cleaning. I know you do because I hate cleaning, too. Even my husband, who is always cleaning, hates cleaning. He just wants the house to be clean, you know?


So I’m finally applying my research. Not everything–dear god, that would kill me–but some of the snippets that made the most sense. I harbor no illusions that I’ll suddenly be a be-pearled and white-aproned fifties housewife with clean floors and a roast in the oven, but if I can just adopt these five habits, my house should be a little cleaner, which means my husband will be a little happier, which is a good thing.

So this is romantic, really. I’m doing this for love. I’ve got to start somewhere.

I thought I’d tell you about it because, well, I did the research. Maybe it can help you, too.

1. Always put away coats and shoes.

This applies to hats, scarves, and mittens, too–all the stuff you might normally shuck off and drop on a chair or the floor. Yeah, I’m that kind of slob. It’s an easy enough thing to put a coat on a hanger–even several coats, if you’re cleaning up after kids who can’t reach to do it themselves. I’ve managed to stay consistent on this one for four days so far and it’s surprisingly easy, plus when our entryway is clean our whole house seems that much cleaner.

2. Wipe out the shower each morning.

I almost always shower after my husband because he leaves for work pretty early in the morning, so I’m already the one who squeegees the shower door (a habit learned from him and his family–it never occurred to me on my own). I’ve just extended the squeegeeing to the walls, too, and when I’m all dried off I throw my towel in there, shimmy around, and voila! Clean shower. It might seem like a lot of work but it’s been pretty rewarding–a clean, dry shower floor is a thing of beauty.

3. Keep the dishes off the counter and out of the sink.

We used to keep a drying rack in one side of our sink so even if the dishes were all washed up, there were usually dishes lying around. They’d dry, then someone would wash their hands or rinse something and they’d be wet again, or possibly get dirty, so then they’d need to dry all over. Well, I got rid of that. I’m also trying so super hard to remember to always put dishes in the dishwasher, and if the dishes are clean, to stop and take the time to put them away. This is a work in progress. There are always more dishes.

4. Put in a load of laundry every morning before getting dressed.

I know there’d be one more clean set of pajamas if I did this after getting dressed, but somehow the deadline of “before I get dressed” reminds me to put the laundry in. I start to rummage through my underwear drawer and I’m reminded–LAUNDRY! As for the folding and putting away…. I’ll get there.

5. Tidy up before going to bed.

This one is for my kiddos, too. I’ve always been really lazy about picking up toys, and I’ve been teaching them to be lazy along with me. But no more! And if I don’t have the willpower to do this, my husband is quick to remind me–like I said, he is a big fan of a clean house. Plus, if the floors are clear, we can run Roomba once the kids are asleep (the girl is afraid of it and the boy won’t leave it alone), which means less vacuuming over the weekend, which is my husband’s job, so it all works out for him.


5 thoughts on “Five Housekeeping Habits”

  1. Now this I needed. I am 25 and single. And my apartment hardly has any storage space to store my stuff.. Lots of clothes and books are strewn around and every time my parents see it, they shake their heads disapprovingly.. Probably wonder, how can I hope to be happily married if I can’t keep my house clean!!

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    1. We have a lot of storage in our house, mostly in the form of IKEA furniture. Of course, a lot of our clutter is in the form of toys, but mostly I clean up by grabbing one of those big cloth boxes that fits into the bookshelf and filling it up with whatever’s lying around. It’s not organized, but it hides the mess!

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      1. I need to get one of those. Could you please tell me what exactly are those bins called? Thanks Mrs. Laura.


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