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The Main Reason Parents Never Sleep

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Somehow, I actually believed there would be rest once we got through the baby phase.


4 thoughts on “The Main Reason Parents Never Sleep”

  1. Lol.. Good one!! I need to show this to my friend. She has recently had a baby and she keeps saying “I will rest once my baby starts going to school”

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  2. I have bad news Laura. My children are stumbling into middle-age and I’m sleeping worse than ever. They, on the other hand, learned to sleep long and peacefully in all circumstances in thier late teens – a talent that they maintain to this day. I sat discussing world events and the importance of correct hamburger preparation with my grandson for 3 hours this morning whilst his father slept on the floor.


    1. Sometimes I’m so tired that I fall asleep playing with my kids. I’ll wake up and find they’ve covered me with books or lined up all their toys along my legs.


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