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Mastering the Art of YouTube

I’ve posted some videos here before, but I’ve officially created a “Sensitive, Bookish Type” YouTube channel, and here’s my first video!

Get ready, book nerds, because it’s not just going to be cooking. As I told my YouTube audience:

Hello, Internet! It’s Laura from, and my New Year’s resolution–or one of them–is to begin making a series of videos in which I take inspiration from a book–any kind of book I choose–and share it with you. This week, for the very first episode, I’ve chosen MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING by Julia Child, and I’m cooking a variation on possibly the simplest recipe in the book; I’ll likely be focusing on MTAOFC again some time, but in this flagship episode I’ll share with you my love of Julia Child, some cooking tips, and a little history along with a delicious soup recipe.

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