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Does your/your partner’s company throw a holiday party? We attended one at my husband’s office yesterday afternoon. It was pretty low-key: some snacks, a ping-pong table, and coloring pages for the kids. My husband won second place in the ugly sweater contest for that Mario jumper you see in the picture, which isn’t really that ugly but only like four people wore ugly sweaters.

I always find office parties a little awkward–perhaps because it’s never been my office we’re partying in, but also because it seems so forced. I got to have a nice chat with somebody’s wife and daughters, but mostly people kept in small clumps of well-known office mates, talking about office stuff and sports teams, about which I know nothing.

The kids had a blast, though. Violet spun and spun to the Christmas music in her head, and Sam tried his hand at ping-pong.

What are your office parties like? I know they vary hugely in size and style. I’d love to hear your stories.


3 thoughts on “Office Parties”

  1. I have worked for a few people over the years. Though not very hard. Some of them had offices and, I suppose, office parties. Invitations to such festive events have eluded me and I would imagine this to be a reflection of my lowly status. Or of something worse.
    Which is a pity. Because the ‘ugly sweater’ competition may have been an area in which I may have been truly competitive.

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  2. Your babies are getting so big! All of the kids are, really. And yes, office parties are often extremely awkward. For me, I never know what’s off limits – is this the time to really talk about hobbies and interests, or are we still in that weird space of having to keep things watered down because above all else, we conduct business together? My job threw a virtual office party for the department I work in this year (we all work from home) and it was surprisingly more fun than you might expect one to be. Our secretary did a good job of having activities lined up for us to participate in, which broke the ice nicely.

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