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Photos for Santa


Do you take photos of toys your kids want?

I overheard another mom doing this at Target and I thought it was brilliant. Since then, whenever my kids get the gimmes on a shopping trip, we take a picture for Santa. Of course, they know (or should know because I’ve said it over and over) that Santa can’t bring them everything they want, but it’s fun for them to take a picture and they usually forget about that fantabulous toy in three minutes, anyway.


3 thoughts on “Photos for Santa”

  1. Yes. But it strikes me as a bit sad that Santa has gone digital. I am not comfortable with him having an email address. Does he have a website? You shouldn’t have to send him a photo. He should just know.


    1. There is something sad about it. I don’t think kids believe in magic as much as they used to. Perhaps because technology can accomplish so much that used to require fairy dust.


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