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Considering Christmas Cards

Do you send out Christmas cards? Holiday cards? New Year’s cards?

I always mean to, but I sometimes struggle to get around to it. I am a fan of old-fashioned greeting cards, but photo cards are in style and definitely easier, since the greeting is already on the card–you don’t even have to sign it.


But I feel like I don’t get enough good pictures of all of us–or any pictures of all of us.


And the best pictures I get are never very Christmas-y.


I don’t know. Maybe I’ll send out Christmas cards. Or maybe you’ll have to settle for these.

2 thoughts on “Considering Christmas Cards”

  1. Adorable! I’m old fashioned too when it comes to sending Christmas cards. Even when times were lean for me as a single Mom, I managed to get it done. I always have a “ritual” – Christmas carols playing, comfy chair by the Christmas tree, a fire in the fireplace. Maybe a cup of hot cocoa or a nice glass of wine. I like to have my envelopes pre-addressed so that I can use this time to add a personal note, especially to those who are far away. That doesn’t always happen, especially when I was working full time. And some years there was just too much going on wth me – too stressed out about things to write a pleasent greeting, so a simple signature would have to do. But, I still sent my cards. I always love getting Christmas cards, but I know today families are busy, and it is the digital age, so your cards are just fine with me! As long as I’m still on your list, I’m happy!


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